Should You Get an Acoustic or Semi Acoustic Guitar?

The important aspect of learning any instrument is first buying it so that you have it in your home in case you ever want to play it on a regular basis. The choice that you are going to face in this regard will involve whether you end up buying an acoustic guitar or going for a semi acoustic that you would be able to use in as many different ways as possible. The first step to ascertaining which choice is better for you involves learning the differences between these two instruments.

The first thing you need to understand is that an acoustic guitar is basically just a hollow body that resonates the sounds produced by the strings. A semi acoustic guitar is one that is built in the same way, but also has electronic pickups as well as an audio jack that can be used to plug it into an amp. This can have a lot of benefits. If you are thinking of performing somewhere, owning a semi acoustic will help you ensure that you don’t need to mess around with mics or anything like that. You will just be able to plug and play. Semis also make it easier to jam with people as well since you will be able to plug into an amp and get your sound across to everyone involved in the jamming process.

Acoustic guitars are great too, they just don’t have any amplification options. If you don’t plan to jam with people or perform live, they can work perfectly well for you. Either way, both acoustics and semi acoustics are some of the best acoustic guitars under $500 that you can look into. At the end of the day, your choice depends on how you intend to use your guitar.

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