Moo Moo’s Signatures swatches and review

Today’s post brings together two releases from Moo Moo’s Signatures. The first one is a trio and includes Dirty BathLilac Wool and Tomato Garden, the second one is a duo consisting of Maldives King Loves Coconut Boat and Dewberry Loves You.

Moo Moo’s Signatures Dirty Bath is a slightly “dirty” nude holo with rather sparse shiny microglitters and some fine flakie shimmer.

Great formula here, very nice opacity too – two thin coats are enough to cover any VNL. One coat of topcoat to completely even out the glitter and you’re good to go.

Moo Moo’s Signatures Lilac Wool is a lilac holo with added tiny red-pink flakie shimmer and silver shimmer.

Another great formula, opaque in two coats. Dries a bit dull, so use topcoat to add gloss. 2 coats + topcoat.

Moo Moo’s Signatures Tomato Garden is a muted tomato red holo with turquoise shimmer and golden flakes.

Good formula, opaque in two coats – I did add a third to see whether it will affect colour intensity. The difference is minor, I would say, so a two-coater it is. Dries a bit dull again, so topcoat to the rescue.

Moo Moo’s Signatures Dewberry Loves You is a complex dusty taupe holo with purple shimmer, red and bronze microflakes, gold holo microglitter and dust.

It’s a creamy, opaque formula, good to go in two thin coats. Again, dries a bit dull because of the strong shimmer, so use topcoat to bring out all the goodness inside. 2 coats + tc.

Moo Moo’s Signatures Maldives King Loves Coconut Boat is a sheer-ish sandy nude with strong, almost pearlescent turquoise shimmer, blue microflakes, subtle scattered holo and added gold holo dust.

This was a surprisingly stellar formula for a shade like this) I’m wearing two coats, you can see some slight VNL which didn’t bother me – if you’re absolutely against this kind of thing you’d better add a third coat =) A coat of topcoat is necessary for a glossy finish.

So what do you think of these? I think the last two are my favourites – very complex and unusual! Moo Moo’s Signatures polishes can be purchased at the official store with worldwide shipping.

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