Kick It in The Tents

Cooking dinner over an open fire and seeing the night sky light up in stars are one of the most pleasing atmospheres you can be a part of. It is something you don’t get to experience a lot of if you spend most of your time in the city. Downtown especially always has so much light pollution and for someone who has never been out of urban areas, they would be amazed to see that the night sky has so much more to offer than you would expect it to be able to, living in the city.

You would probably be accustomed to thinking that there are only ever a few stars of no great import while living your life in the city and hence why would anyone want to spend their time going out to the far beyond where there is probably nothing out there. But for some people, the whole appeal is that there isn’t really anything else going on out there. It’s serene, peaceful and quiet and unlike the city streets, you can so many beautiful works of nature unlike any other. Just to start with, the night sky out in the wilds is far more beautiful and filled with stars.

You can’t see them because of the light pollution of an urban area. The city lights drown out the natural light of the stars which take over millions of years to reach us. Naturally they’d be ousted by lights right in our face. To experience nature, to go camping, make for a great change of pace of urban living and some essentials that you should get include tents and cooking utensils. One great tent, the alpha kilo, is a popular choice and if you can learn more about it from

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