Eight-Legged Invaders

We always find it funny how so many people would claim not to be afraid of spiders at all but if you point out that there’s a spider on them, they’ll start panicking. Now, we’re not here to teach you any more mean pranks than you already know – let’s not forget that some people have phobias and phobias aren’t fun. However, that general unease that everyone gets from having even the smallest spider on them has a reason behind it.

You see almost all spiders can and will bite you, given the chance. While it makes sense to be spooked by a giant tarantula if you ever see one, they’re less likely to bite you without you knowing that a tiny house spider is. These small spiders aren’t toxic but their bites can still cause skin allergies and very bad dermal reactions too.

If you’re seeing very small webs in the corners of your home, then you might have some of these little guys around the place – you need to remedy this fast. You’ll find these webs between bricks and in the corners where two walls meet. You can clean them with a web removing brush or a broom easily. But if you ever wake up with multiple insect bites in a line, it means that these spiders dwell in your clothes as well.

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