Things to Consider Before Signing Up For Microblading

In the last couple of years, microblading has become one of the fastest rising trends in the beauty industry. For those of you who have no idea as to what microblading is, we would like to tell you that it is a procedure that usually involves injecting tattoo ink into eyebrows to make them look fuller and thicker than they actually are. It is great for people who have very sparse eyebrow or do not know how to shape them well. The entire procedure is semi-permanent in nature and is done at salons or spas practically everywhere around the world. A lot ads on also pop up while digging for more information about microblading.

If you have decided to get this done, we would highly recommend that you do your research first. Whenever things like semi-permanent and tattoo ink crops up, you need to pay extra attention to the sanitary conditions of the place and their hygiene in general. With that being said, following are some of the things to keep in mind before signing up for microblading, check them out below.

Visit The Salon

The very first thing you need to consider is the sanitary conditions of the place where microblading is done. So for that, you will have to get in touch with the salon and visit them in person. You can also go as a walk-in to see the environment.

Ask Relevant Questions

While you are there, you can also talk to the technician and discuss everything along with all the relevant questions. They can also involve questions related to the procedure and needles used, etc.

Look at Their Previous Work

Another thing where and its ad come in handy is when you need to search for the technician’s prior clients or work. Most of them do upload on their own page, so look it up and only sign up for it if you are satisfied with it.

6 Noteworthy Products With Great Reviews on Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime really changes how you feel about ordering stuff online. You have and endless number of items to choose from and you get an awesome free 2 day shipping that makes you want to buy every cool looking product that comes in front of you. The best thing about Amazon Prime is that you can find innovative products that change your life and you can have them delivered to your doorstep the very next day.

Let’s take a look at some superb products on Prime that you can buy right now. All of these products are backed by loads of user reviews so you can be sure that you are buying something worth your money.

#1 Miracle Acne Cream

Blackheads, scars, acne, and any other kind of skin blemish can be blown away with this Tea Tree Oil Treatment. This miracle cream has around two thousand reviews that praise its effects and prove that it actually works. It is made using natural ingredients and not only helps with acne, but also promotes oil control, inflammation, irritation, and reduces dark marks as well. It’s a great option for people who have sensitive skin since it’s gentle and it can boost your overall skin health as well.

#2 Two In One Hair Straightener

If you are someone who frequently burns themselves with their hair straightener then this straightener is made for you. It is designed to work like a hairbrush, meaning that it stays far away from your scalp while also managing to straighten your hair. It has a max heat level of 450 Degrees Fahrenheit, features a temperature lock, and also has an automated shut off function. You can use it as a hair straightener and also as a de-tangler to fix your hair in the morning.

#3 Activated Charcoal Coconut Oil Toothpaste

The Cali White Activated Charcoal And Coconut Oil Toothpaste makes use of natural ingredients to keep your teeth pearly white. It is extremely safe to use, has a fresh minty flavour and incorporates ingredients that are great for your gums.

#4 Lock Laces

As their name suggests, Lock Laces are shoe laces that come with locks. Meaning that you will never have to tie them. You can place them on any shoe that has shoelaces and carry on with your day to day activities without having to worry about your shoes becoming loose or your shoelaces untying.

#5 Allstar Innovations Egg-Tastic Microwave Cooker

A tiny and adorable cooker that you can fill up with an egg and place in the oven for a mess-free, no nonsense egg preparation. The pot has a non-stick interior and is great for making omelettes and poached eggs.

#6 Meguiar’s Microfiber Drying Towel

This microfiber cloth is a water magnet, it soaks up water like crazy and holds it in pretty well too. The cloth is durable, easy to wring out, and can be used for a variety of purposes ranging from cleaning in the kitchen to washing your car in the garage.

Soft Vs. Hard Water: What Can It Do to Your Skin?

There are a lot of things that you need to take into consideration when it comes to skin care. Your skin type, the air that touches your skin, and also the water with which you bathe. The hard water vs soft water debate is usually limited to healthcare, however, the quality of water that you use can also have a major impact on your skin’s health. Depending on what kind of water you get, your products and the rest of your skin care regimen gets affected.

Water contains a variety of minerals and small particles. The amount and concentration of these particles depend on how hard or soft your water is. Over time, these particles can begin acting as free radicals (just like with air pollution) and can do a number on your complexion. This sounds pretty worrisome, luckily you can keep the damage under control with a bit of effort.

Hard water has a higher level of metal content, including minerals such as magnesium and calcium. These metals can dry up your skin quickly and rob it of its glow. They can also result in your skin becoming irritable in the long run. Hard water is especially bad for people with dry or sensitive skin, which is why it is important to take measures to prevent your water from hurting your skin.

You can fight hard water in a number of ways. There are specialised shower heads available in the market that filter water as it passes through them, making it softer and safer for your skin. You can also revise your skin care products line up in order to use products that nullify the effects of hard water. Products that have citrus in them help nullify hard water at microscopic levels and hence, they are pretty good to have. Products like these can help your skin retain moisture for longer and stay clear of hard water debris, allowing your body’s oil pores to work properly.

Products that have fermented ingredients in them are also useful in fighting the effects of hard water. Fermented products have probiotics in them that minimize the effects that hard water has on your skin.

If you are not sure what kind of water comes to your home then you should look for the following signs. If there is mineral build up on your showerhead or faucets then you are dealing with hard water. If soap scum builds up along your showering area’s walls then that means that your water has a higher level of minerals in it. Other signs include hazy spots appearing on your tableware, your clothes feeling rough and dull after being laundered and your water having a slightly bitter taste.

Hard water can be a pain to deal with, but with the right products on hand and a bit of precaution, you can keep its negative effects at bay and make sure that your skin stays as fresh and glowing as possible.

5 Great Fitness And Beauty Tips From a Victoria’s Secret Angel

Being a Victoria’s Secret Angel is a full time job that requires you to constantly monitor your physique, actively workout, and follow strict diet regimes all the time. At least, that how it is for most VS Angels. Elsa Hosk says that she does not give too much thought to gruelling workout sessions and crazy diet plans, as long as she feels relaxed she looks good. However, This VS model does not spend her whole day sitting around and doing nothing, it takes effort to look good.

Elsa Hosk has a very strong beauty routine game. Here is how she gets herself ready for every catwalk and manages to look pristine in general.

#1 Generous Facials

Hosk focuses a lot on her skin which she likes to keep as tight as possible. She admits that her skin does give her problems from time to time so she has to be extra regular with her facials. Elsa Hosk gets a facial once every week during the show season, and when she does not have any shows lined up, she gets facials one or two times every month.

#2 Prioritize Skin’s Well-Being

Being a VS Angel means loads of makeup. This is why Elsa Hosk is particularly choosy about what she puts on her face. She prefers products that have natural ingredients to ensure that her skin does not get harmed. Her make up routine starts off with a hyalauronic acid serum, after which she applies plenty of moisturizer. Then she moves on to applying a foundation, followed by a concealer, some eyeliner, and some rouge in the end.

#3 Enjoy Your Cardio Everyday

Hosk is known for going on runs to get ready for her fashion shows, but now she has started exploring other forms of cardio as well. Hosk has started developing a liking for dance cardio, which she thinks is really fun and also great for various muscle groups. Along with dance cardio, she also hits the gym when her show is closing in. Hosk’s gym routine lasts for a month, and she usually goes 6 to 7 times per week. She dislikes using weights during training since they make hr feel angry.

#4 Maintain a Balanced Diet

Hosk believes that dieting is more about balance than categorizing what is edible and what is not. She learns from her dieting every year and puts her knowledge to use. Hosk focuses on eating organic foods and actively avoids processed foods. She also makes sure to eat stuff that is energy packed so she can fuel her workouts and keep herself active on the catwalk.

#5 Try Crazy Products

When Hosk heard about blood cream for the first time she was both sceptical and cautious. As the name suggests, blood cream takes your own blood as an ingredient. She tried the cream out of desperation and it produced wonderful results, reviving her skin from being a dead grey to lively and glowing over the course of a night.

Moo Moo’s Signatures

Hey guys! Today I have a late night post, I have some really awesome collections to share with you and I’m swatching double time to get them to y’all in time for releases! Up next are 5 gorgeous polishes from Moo Moo’s Signature, I reached out to them a bit ago to see if they would be interested in being featuring on my weekly “But Do They Watermarble” and they agreed! Two of these polishes are currently sold out but fingers crossed you may be able to find them in a destash or in case they may be re-released.