Moo Moo’s Signatures

Hey guys! Today I have a late night post, I have some really awesome collections to share with you and I’m swatching double time to get them to y’all in time for releases! Up next are 5 gorgeous polishes from Moo Moo’s Signature, I reached out to them a bit ago to see if they would be interested in being featuring on my weekly “But Do They Watermarble” and they agreed! Two of these polishes are currently sold out but fingers crossed you may be able to find them in a destash or in case they may be re-released.

Moo Moo’s Signatures swatches and review

Today’s post brings together two releases from Moo Moo’s Signatures. The first one is a trio and includes Dirty BathLilac Wool and Tomato Garden, the second one is a duo consisting of Maldives King Loves Coconut Boat and Dewberry Loves You.

Moo Moo’s Signatures Dirty Bath is a slightly “dirty” nude holo with rather sparse shiny microglitters and some fine flakie shimmer.

Great formula here, very nice opacity too – two thin coats are enough to cover any VNL. One coat of topcoat to completely even out the glitter and you’re good to go.

Moo Moo’s Signatures Lilac Wool is a lilac holo with added tiny red-pink flakie shimmer and silver shimmer.

Another great formula, opaque in two coats. Dries a bit dull, so use topcoat to add gloss. 2 coats + topcoat.

Moo Moo’s Signatures Tomato Garden is a muted tomato red holo with turquoise shimmer and golden flakes.

Good formula, opaque in two coats – I did add a third to see whether it will affect colour intensity. The difference is minor, I would say, so a two-coater it is. Dries a bit dull again, so topcoat to the rescue.

Moo Moo’s Signatures Dewberry Loves You is a complex dusty taupe holo with purple shimmer, red and bronze microflakes, gold holo microglitter and dust.

It’s a creamy, opaque formula, good to go in two thin coats. Again, dries a bit dull because of the strong shimmer, so use topcoat to bring out all the goodness inside. 2 coats + tc.

Moo Moo’s Signatures Maldives King Loves Coconut Boat is a sheer-ish sandy nude with strong, almost pearlescent turquoise shimmer, blue microflakes, subtle scattered holo and added gold holo dust.

This was a surprisingly stellar formula for a shade like this) I’m wearing two coats, you can see some slight VNL which didn’t bother me – if you’re absolutely against this kind of thing you’d better add a third coat =) A coat of topcoat is necessary for a glossy finish.

So what do you think of these? I think the last two are my favourites – very complex and unusual! Moo Moo’s Signatures polishes can be purchased at the official store with worldwide shipping.

Powder Perfect Exhilaration swatches and review

Powder Perfect Exhilaration isn’t a new polish, it was released a while ago in the Euphoria collection. I only got it now from Mei Mei’s Signatures, and I can definitely say I understand why it’s still popular!

Powder Perfect Exhilaration is a vibrant purple micro glitter polish, with differing shades of holographic glitter. It can look very different depending on the light, from a very cool, bluish purple, to intense magenta.

Despite being loaded with microglitter, the polish isn’t overly thick and is very easy to apply – you can get close to your cuticle and paint an even, thin layer. I’m wearing two coats here and they have dried very thin. Two coats of topcoat, too, as it’s a bit gritty – or you can embrace the texture and wear it as-is!

I couldn’t leave this beauty well enough alone, so I decided to add some stamping with the MAG 255 chrome polish and the BP-L 004 stamping plate from the Born Pretty Store.

So what do you think of this polish? I do love me a glitter bomb, so, unsurprisingly, I loved it!

Arcane Lacquer Erudite Charm swatches and review

Arcane Lacquer is a relatively obscure Australian indie brand, created by the blogger behind Nail Gun XS. I’ve been eyeing these polishes for a while, as I find her choice of colours and glitters quite interesting. So I finally took the plunge and purchased a couple, and the first one I’ve tried was Erudite Charm – you’ll find more swatches of it after the jump!

Arcane Lacquer Erudite Charm is a dusty blue crelly filled with tiny glitters in black and light blue, as well as a good dose of pink shimmer. It applies quite well – the glitter doesn’t get in the way and the formula is just right, not runny or thick.

My swatches show 2 coats of Erudite Charm and 1 coat of topcoat. It doesn’t need any real “smoothing”, although it does look much more “finished” when topcoated. These swatches were made in direct sunlight to capture the lovely shimmer, so bear in mind that this polish will look a bit darker in the shade.

So what do you think of this polish? I loved the combination of base & shimmer. Have you tried anything from Arcane Lacquer yet?

Femme Fatale Snapvine swatches and review

Today I have one more of the colourful polishes released by Femme Fatale this summer to show you. I already featured the purple Sea Pony on the blog and today I finally pulled out the teal Snapvine out of my huge untrieds pile. For swatches and my thoughts please go under the jump.

Femme Fatale Snapvine is a deep teal-green crelly with blue tones and a scattering of neon pink and green hexes of various size as well as some holographic green glitters.

The base is more like a thin creme than a jelly, it’s just not as viscous, doesn’t have that jelly “depth”. I’m having a hard time explaining this, but let me just say it’s quite opaque and goes on in a very thin layer.

My swatches show two layers of Femme Fatale Snapvine, but although the neon glitters are thin, the base dries even thinner and you will need a good amount of topcoat to smooth it out.

Because of the shade and its good pigmentation, I feel like I should mention that this polish can potentially stain, as teal cremes do. So double up on basecoat! I used a coat of regular basecoat on top of my peel-off one and experienced no staining.

Despite application not being the easiest, I liked this shade, it looks fun on the nails – sort of like a tropical jungle %) How do you like it? Do you own any shades from this colourful collection by Femme Fatale (pssst – Color4Nails have most of them in stock and on clearance!)